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Tom – I went out of town right after we chatted and you sent the Lapis you found on your designer’s benches.  I’ve been kicking myself for not writing earlier – my mother would have said, “She wasn’t brought up that way” – and she’s right! 

So I want to THANK YOU once again for “scrounging” and finding exactly what I needed!  The slight difference in the two colors not at all a problem for the work I was doing.

I trust NM Bead and Fetish – and am grateful for your personal attention!

Thanks again,


I want to compliment you on your great prices, excellent quality, and fantastic service.  I can't believe how quickly I received my order. The product exceeded my expectations. I'm definitely recommending you to others.


Just have to say "thank you!" for the beautiful donuts.  They are amazing. Not one was a disappointment.  Our son and his partner are visiting us in Nebraska and we assembled them last night and delivered them to the customer today.  She, too, was thrilled with the stones.  I cut the cord to 36 inches and they hang perfectly, and used the exact amount of cord on the spool! 

You never disappoint me!  Once again, thank you-not only for shipping complete and fast, but for the delightful contents-the stones and supplies are always wonderful!!!!  And, often, beyond my expectations. 

Will be ordering again soon. 



Just wanted to say the bear fetish necklace arrived today, so pretty, and came so fast. Thanks!


You are so fast!!!!!  Thank you, again!  I appreciate you two very much!

Hi to Nancy!



Hi Nancy, I finally can tell you that your beads have safely arrived here just a few minutes ago!...
took a long time and I had to keep my patience with customs... but it all has been worthwhile!

I am really delighted about the gemstones I ordered!
Especially the Kingman is amazing! But the Spinel is also, really cute!... the colour of the Amanonite is perfect!... you see, can't tell you which I like the most..!

U.D. Belgium


Love your stuff! Thank you!